Dr. Frascella offers orthodontic treatment as an option to create a beautiful and healthy smile. Orthodontic treatment is used to correct misaligned teeth – what is known in dentistry as a “malocclusion” or “bad bite”. Malocclusion can result from a number of factors; crowded teeth, extra teeth, missing teeth or misaligned jaws. Most malocclusions are inherited but some can be acquired. Tooth loss can cause malocclusion, and even previous dental work can sometimes result in misalignment. By utilizing the Gerber Technique of Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics Dr. Frascella can straighten crooked and poorly aligned teeth and ensure that the results are a combination of the teeth, muscles and joints working together in harmony.

Orthodontics for Children…

Its never too early to keep an eye on your child’s oral development. With a focus on family dentistry Dr. Frascella is uniquely qualified to follow the development of your child’s oral health and to determine if orthodontic treatment may be an option to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. By following your child’s development he can determine the optimal time and treatment program. 

Dr. Frascella emphasizes an orthodontic approach that combines the most modern orthodontic tools with the principles of neuromuscular dentistry providing a smile that is healthy as well as beautiful.

…and Adults

Orthodontic treatment is not just for children. Today more than 25% of orthodontic treatment is being performed on adults. There are reasons beyond the cosmetic that adult orthodontics may be an option for you. If you have trouble keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy overcrowded teeth may be part of your problem. Eventually teeth that are misaligned can result in abnormal tooth wear and excessive stress on the supporting bone and the gum tissues. Unfortunately this can eventually lead to gum disease and tooth loss and the eventual need for dentures.